Frequently Asked Questions

What does this do?

Slackmoji makes it really easy for you to search through our library of emojis, and add them with one click. Rather than Googling images, downloading them, resizing them to 128px, naming them and uploading them… you just search and add!

How do I use it?

After you install Slack, go to Clicking that link will probably work!

Can't I just upload my own?

Despite the fact that Slack is awesome and emojis make Slack even awesome-r… uploading new emojis is tedious! You need to find images, resize images to the right size, name them, find them on your computer, etc&hellip Our goal is to make it one-click.

What's next?

We'd love to add more icon packs (or maybe a broader search?). We'd also love to make it easier to upload images from your computer… bulk uploads, auto-resizing to 128px, etc. If any of this sounds interesting, hit me up on Twitter!

Who made it?

It was made by avid Slacker Gregory Koberger! You can follow him on Twitter at @gkoberger.

I want ____ emojis!

Tweet me! We've done our best to come up with a long list of emojis people would want to use, however there's millions we haven't thought of. You can contact me and ask for new emojis!

I have an emoji pack you should use!

Heck yeah! You can contact me and I'll add it!

I work at Slack!

I 💛   you! Let me buy you a 🍺 !! Shoot me a tweet... and, uh, don't tell legal.